Watching friends on FaceBook

I’ve made so many great friends through my work.  I was scanning some friends’ pages on FaceBook this morning, following the lives of some of the young “couples in relationship” who I had the honour to work with during their engagement and wedding and now I see babies in their arms.  WOW, time flies!

Diamond Engagement Gary King of Oro de Rey created in 14 kt white gold to accompany wedding band

I remember a young professional man with whom I worked who was looking for “his dream ring” for his engagement.  We met in his downtown office and walked through the 4 C’s of diamonds so he could make an educated decision balancing size and quality of the diamonds and we set out to build that dream.   This guy’s enthusiasm kept going up as we moved through the process.  I saw proudly displayed pictures of her long before I met her but by the time we were finished, I was getting to know her too.
A ring this stunning needed a wedding band to match it’s spendour and this is when I finally got to meet and work with her.  She wore her ring very proudly but may never know all the extraordinary details he put into the planning of “his dream ring”.  There are two new friends I would like to follow on FaceBook.

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I'm President of Oro de Rey, Winnipeg's Concierge Custom Jewelery service specializing in diamonds, gems and gold.

3 thoughts on “Watching friends on FaceBook

  1. Sweet! I love how your business is more than a business…Gary, I can see how you enjoy working with your customers and how it becomes a friendship, not just a business relationship.

  2. You’re so right, Carolyn. I’ve made so many friends through my work. The opportunity to get to know a couple through their engagement and wedding planning time is such a pleasure!

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