First Snowfall

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Do you remember the first snowfall when you were a kid?  You couldn’t wait to get outside to make snow angels, build a fort, roll in the snow, get the neighbourhood kids together for a game of street hockey.  Coming in would mean your runny nose needed to be wiped (a sleeve would do),  your cheeks were flaming red, the garbage mitts had to be hung over the heat register to dry, snow pants hung over the tub’s curtain rod, hopefully dry for the morning.  You’d go to bed dreaming about the day, anticipating tomorrow.

That’s what this weekend felt like watching Abby.  What is it about Labrador’s and snow?  Pure joy.  Taking our walk Sunday morning, there were the occasional neighbourly complaints about the amount of snow but not from us.  Abby’s joy is intoxicating.  Bring it on.  We’ll roll in the snow, (snow angels?) dig holes for forts and at least try to steal the puck from the kids playing street hockey.  The chase will be worth it!  We’ll help with the snow shovelling by trying to fetch the shovel and at the end of the day, we’ll go to bed dreaming about the day and anticipating tomorrow.

Sooo good!

Published by Gary King

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