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The day has been busy between delivery to clients at their places of work, stop offs to the goldsmith to review designs, emails and errands for the household.   But it’s Friday night and we spent a relaxing evening in front of the fire retelling stories about memories of Christmas’  past.  Some of the things we anticipated as kids?  The treat of drinking 7 – up and eating LARGE squares of Halvah with grandma.

My wife remembers fondly the trips with her grandfather to Riedger’s grocery on Isabel to buy marmelade candies – those chewy sugary candies shaped like orange, lemon and lime slices.   Music with family members playing piano, violin, guitar or recorder.

So this year, we’re anticipating starting some new traditions for our first Christmas with our grandson.  What’s he going to remember about Christmas with Oma and Opa?  Sugary treats?  Candles lit?  Stockings hung?  The creche on the hutch?  The Christmas village over the fireplace?  Gifts under the tree?

I suspect the best gift will be our time.  Time to tell stories.  Time to read books.  Time to play together with our faithful old lab.  Those will be the best bits. I can hardly wait.

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