Bbbbaby it’s cold outside…

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You’ve warmed the car up to go to work.  You put your travel mug of coffee on the roof of the car as you fiddle with the keys to open it and you feel like you’ve got frost bite before you even get in the car.  Thank goodness for heated car seats.  Wait- you don’t have hearted car seats.

It may LOOK beautiful out there but you know there’s a bite to that beauty.

You still need an anniversary or birthday gift and the thought of yet another extra trip outside is soooooo unappealing.

HOLD ON!  Oro De Rey Concierge Service will meet you where you are, remember?  We’ll come to your home, your office, your favourite coffee shop.  Isn’t that lovely?  Pour yourself a warm mug of wintery delight.  I’m on my way.  It won’t cost you more and it will keep your tusch warm.
hot cuppa collage

Published by Gary King

I'm President of Oro de Rey, Winnipeg's Concierge Custom Jewelery service specializing in diamonds, gems and gold.

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