Oro de Rey invites you to Diamond Date Night

Would you buy a car without doing your homework?diamond date night

Oro de Rey believes you should never spend money on your next important jewellery purchase without doing your homework either.
Wouldn’t you like to start your search for diamonds and gold knowing what you are talking about?  Of course, you would.   Sometimes that lack of knowledge is what is holding you back to even start.  Whether it’s an engagement ring, an anniversary ring or another important jewellery purchase, it’s intimidating to start that search but Oro De Rey is about to make this pretty easy on you.

We’ve developed a 1 hour fun filled FREE evening package for you, your partner and 5 or 6 of your friends  looking for that perfect gift for someone special in their lives.  You set a Diamond Date Night up and we’ll join you and your friends and provide you with 1 hour of entertaining chatter about all you need to know about diamonds.  We call it “Diamonds 101“.  This is your chance to become informed, ask questions and have a few laughs without any hard sell job, or obligation.

You’ll learn the facts about 4 C’s of diamond purchasing, you’ll learn about options with settings with white gold, yellow gold or platinum, 10kt, 14kt, or 18kt.  We’ll even throw in a prize. We won’t try to sell you anything.  We’ll just share our passion and hope you will walk away being excited about what you want to consider in the future.

So briefly here’s what we offer.

We’ll come to your home and teach you Diamonds 101 in an hour of fun interactive discussion with 5 or 6  of your friends.  Then we’ll leave you and your friends to the rest of your evening – to eat your popcorn, watch your movie or whatever else you have in mind.

Circle a date on your calendar, give us a call, or email us to set up a Diamond Date Night.


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Published by Gary King

I'm President of Oro de Rey, Winnipeg's Concierge Custom Jewelery service specializing in diamonds, gems and gold.

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