Prairie Love – Part 3

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The fall prairie sky at sunrise is filled with promise.  There is crispness to the air, a soft mist creating a haze that unwraps the mystery of the night as the sun rises.

She’s travelling west again to meet her love.  Even though it’s the middle of the harvest, his last harvest -he says you have to be able to stop when the opportunity is there to appreciate life.  So, they are meeting where he asked her if she would spend the rest of her life with him.

Oro de Rey has presented them with their rings in wax in order that they might inspect them to see if there are changes they would like to make.  They have chosen their rings based on different styles they have researched but seeing them in 3 dimensions is the best way to ensure the wedding bands are exactly as they want them.

Sunset on the porch finds them seeing and touching their prototypes for the first time.  Looking at the loose diamonds, a diamond for each of their children, she has a lump in her throat.  It’s all so real now.  He feels it too and takes her hand. There are changes.  Perhaps the yellow gold on the sides should be more pronounced?

There is no reason for concern.  The whole purpose of creating the ring in wax first is to ensure that the ring when completed in gold is exactly what they had in mind when they started the design process.

He smiles at her and they watch the sun set.  The dust of harvest paints the setting sun orange.  There is hope and promise for a beautiful tomorrow.  (Prairie Love Part 1, Prairie Love Part 2)

Published by Gary King

I'm President of Oro de Rey, Winnipeg's Concierge Custom Jewelery service specializing in diamonds, gems and gold.

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