Happy 25th Anniversary!

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They were married 25 years ago.  There have been lots of changes in that time – the most recent being their now empty nest –  their daughter left for school down east.

As part of their anniversary celebrations, they decided to make some changes to their wedding bands.  Using their 25 year old wedding rings and some other pieces from their jewellery box, they asked Oro de Rey to help them create something new.  

We sat at their kitchen table and talked designs.  They checked out the wax moulds and loved the prototypes – of course they did – they designed them!

The rings came in the familiar red leather Oro de Rey box.  He took her box, got down on one knee and presented her with the new wedding band.  The laughter in her eyes and the smile on her lips spoke volumes.  Because some things haven’t changed.

Published by Gary King

I'm President of Oro de Rey, Winnipeg's Concierge Custom Jewelery service specializing in diamonds, gems and gold.

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