“Gary, I love my ring”

So I was just heading out to the 1st fairway with my wife when we bumped into a lovely lady about to take part in the same golf tournament.

“Gary, I love my ring”, she said as we met. (You’ll remember this ring from previous recent pictures).  I smiled and turned in time to meet her future sister in law who joined in, “Gary, I love my ring”. (We designed her engagement and wedding rings 3 years ago) Out from behind a car, mom popped out and chimed in, “Gary, I love my ring”. (We redesigned her wedding ring some years ago).3 engagement rings in one family, two generations of engagement rings, oro de rey, gold of the king, winnipeg jeweller

We had a great chuckle and I walked away thinking how honoured I am to be considered the jeweller of choice by two generations of family members. Three beautiful rings adorning three lovely ladies hands.