He’s a pretty awesome guy.

He’s a pretty awesome guy.  I know ’cause his wife’s whole body smiles when she talks about him.  They’ve moved lots because of his important work but the boys and her are ok with that ’cause he’s a pretty awesome guy. That’s why she wanted an awesome memento to commemorate the next move – for hisContinue reading “He’s a pretty awesome guy.”

He found the rings on the beach. Then he found the owner.

What a great story! BBC News While skimming the sand with his metal detector, Mike Cogan uncovered treasure on a Long Island, N.Y. beach. Just two inches below the surface, he found two rings — an engagement ring and wedding band — lost by a woman vacationing with her family. Using Facebook, he sent out aContinue reading “He found the rings on the beach. Then he found the owner.”

Budding Beauty

All custom design jewellery starts with a seed – an idea.   Once that seed is planted, we just have to wait for it to bud.  Take a look at this budding beauty.  Wait for it – once it’s in full bloom, you’ll be enchanted with its exquisiteness.

Seasonal Enjoyment

I really love taking pictures of my work.  I spend time looking around my world – sometimes inside, sometimes outside and try to find something magical that will bring the beauty of our jewellery and our environment together.   Every season offers a special view.  I think using the seasons as my backdrop offers partContinue reading “Seasonal Enjoyment”

14. Did you know…

Gold can be made in different colours by mixing different alloys for different colours? Yellow gold is made with gold, copper , silver White gold is made with gold, nickel, zinc, copper Green gold is made with  gold, silver, copper, zinc Pink(rose) gold is made with gold and copper.

Turning Old Into New

Start with the original ring lost at the back of your jewellery box. Invite Gary King of Oro de Rey into your home or workplace for custom design. Consider options for new ring, taking into account the gold you will melt down and the diamonds you will use. Build a wax mould so you canContinue reading “Turning Old Into New”