More Spring Buds

Wax family ring collage

This budding beauty will be an elegant family ring.  The exquisite emerald and peridot will be accompanied by grandmother’s diamonds to bring together 3 generations.

The Privilege of Creation


Emerald, gifts, creative, oro de rey, gold of the king, custom designEvery piece of jewellery starts with a love-ly dream.  Somebody dreams of expressing some form of love to another – or to themselves and because of that desired expression creation begins.

For some – the dream starts with a colour – the warm glow of Amethyst or Amber, the cool expansive beauty of a Sapphire, or perhaps the green shimmer of an Emerald.  For other’s the dream begins with the lavishness of a Diamond or the hue of the Gold.

Princess diamond, oro de rey, custom design jewellery, Gary KingDetails speak to the energy of the symbol being created.  That’s my clientele.  They all have their fixed budgets – some large Big C budgets, some small student budgets.  It doesn’t matter.  Each of them has dreamed the design or the actual act of  gift giving of their special creation.  Ever so precious and vulnerable – the giving of a piece of their hearts.

And that is where I enter into the picture – the privilege of creation. The privilege of knowing the heart of the giver and helping to make that dream a reality.  I love my work. Wouldn’t you?

Subject: She said Yes!

He sent this from Las Vegas today.  I’m so happy to share it.  Here’s his words straight from his email.

Opal Engagement ring, Oro de rey custom design jewellery__________________________________________

Subject: She said yes!

Hi Gary.

She loves the ring….Thank you again for everything.   It fits perfect and looks beautiful on her finger!

The flash really brought out the green in the opal…..take a look!



See the beginning of this story here.

Another ring view.

Tea, Muffins, Kitchen table and Diamonds

Saturday afternoon tea, muffins, diamonds 101, oro de rey, custom design jewellery service, Gary King, Winnipeg Concierge Jeweller

It’s a cold, casual Saturday afternoon and my clients are comfortable around the kitchen table.  We’ve got the essential ingredients for our conversation – tea, muffins and – yes, of course diamonds.  Custom design jewellery starts with diamonds 101, because custom design needs to be in your hands – so you should know your options before you make your decisions.  We all make the best decisions when we are comfortable and relaxed and in a space where we feel most at home.  So, the tea and muffins are a great comfort food and the kitchen table is a pretty great centre for creativity.

Invite Oro de Rey to your kitchen table.  We’ll bring the diamonds and custom design ideas.

Seasonal Enjoyment

winter, pictures, snow, jewellery, oro de rey, gold of the king, gary king

I really love taking pictures of my work.  I spend time looking around my world – sometimes inside, sometimes outside and try to find something magical that will bring the beauty of our jewellery and our environment together.


Every season offers a special view.  I think using the seasons as my backdrop offers part of the story too.  It tells the story about the time of year when the jewellery gift was bestowed.


Taking pictures of my work and sharing those pictures with you is also my way of honouring the true craftspeople I work with.  Gemologists and goldsmiths who take pride in the designing and creation of these precious, sometimes delicate, always spectacular works of art.IMG_0069