Happy Anniversary

1ct diamond1 ct diamond in white and yellow gold wedding ring







So they were going to spend their 19th anniversary in New York.  Elegant dinner – he pulled an Oro de Rey box out of their backpack and presented her with the diamond he thought belonged in her wedding ring.

She loved it.  We set it in her original ring upon their return.  She loves it. He’s smiling. We’re happy.



Presenting a Ruby Beauty

oro de rey, custom design jewellery, winnipeg jewelleroro de rey, gold of the king, custom design jeweller, winnipeg jeweller



We showed our Facebook followers two beautiful rubies and asked them to suggest what fine jewellery we should make and how might they design it. We listened and here is our first piece – a stunning Ruby Ring set in 14 kt white gold.

Elegant. Sophisticated. Brilliant.


Family Ring

alexandrite, zircon, emerald family ring

family ring

Five years ago, we created the engagement ring and wedding band for this lovely couple’s wedding.  Two children later, he reminds her of his commitment to her with this family ring, resplendent with all of their birthstones;  light blue Alexandrite, two lively Emeralds, and one pale blue Zircon.

Budding Beauty

budding collage

All custom design jewellery starts with a seed – an idea.   Once that seed is planted, we just have to wait for it to bud.  Take a look at this budding beauty.  Wait for it – once it’s in full bloom, you’ll be enchanted with its exquisiteness.

The Privilege of Creation


Emerald, gifts, creative, oro de rey, gold of the king, custom designEvery piece of jewellery starts with a love-ly dream.  Somebody dreams of expressing some form of love to another – or to themselves and because of that desired expression creation begins.

For some – the dream starts with a colour – the warm glow of Amethyst or Amber, the cool expansive beauty of a Sapphire, or perhaps the green shimmer of an Emerald.  For other’s the dream begins with the lavishness of a Diamond or the hue of the Gold.

Princess diamond, oro de rey, custom design jewellery, Gary KingDetails speak to the energy of the symbol being created.  That’s my clientele.  They all have their fixed budgets – some large Big C budgets, some small student budgets.  It doesn’t matter.  Each of them has dreamed the design or the actual act of  gift giving of their special creation.  Ever so precious and vulnerable – the giving of a piece of their hearts.

And that is where I enter into the picture – the privilege of creation. The privilege of knowing the heart of the giver and helping to make that dream a reality.  I love my work. Wouldn’t you?