Diamond Date Night – a unique opportunity

friends gathered for oro de rey diamond date nightBuying a luxury item like jewellery requires knowledge and research just as buying a new car.  People are  intimidated when entering a jewellery store.

Gary King, at Oro de Rey offers a 1 hour fun filled FREE evening Diamond Date Night package for you, your partner and 5 or 6 friends. Perhaps some of you are considering purchasing an engagement ring, or you are looking to update or remodel some current jewellery pieces.

You set a date and we’ll join you and your friends and provide you with 1 hour of entertaining chatter about all you need to know about diamonds.  We call it “Diamonds 101“.  This is your chance to become informed, ask questions and have a few laughs without a hard sell job.  There won’t be anything to purchase.  We’ll leave you and your friends to the rest of your evening – to eat your popcorn, watch your movie or whatever else you have in mind.

You’ll learn the facts about 4 C’s of diamond purchasing, you’ll learn about options with settings with white gold, yellow gold or platinum, 10kt, 14kt, or 18kt.  We’ll include a prize.   We’ll just share our passion and hope you will walk away being excited about what you want to consider in the future.

Call or email us to set up a Diamond Date Night.

204 253 8560


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