A Stunning Design

wedding ring remake collage

He’d started thinking about changes he wanted to make to his wedding ring about 25 years ago.  Changes that would enhance the ring – just as their years together had enhanced their relationship.

So recently, he sat down with me and with one of his designers (yes, he’s in the business of creativity) and they sketched out his dream.

“Do you mean something like this?,” she’d say as he talked and she sketched.

First, his ring was cut in half and set apart to hold the 3 square cut precious gemstones – Sapphire, Alexandrite – their birthstones and a Diamond – the gemstone of marriage.  To accentuate the gemstones, we set them each inside 2 14 kt gold bars.

A Stunning Design!

We’ll work on hers next.


Past, Present, Future

engagement ring, sapphire, custom made diamond wedding band, grandmothers ring, gold, oro de rey, concierge service

Amy received her grandmother’s ring.  It is cleaned, polished and looking like the day her grandmother wore it.

The engagement ring – a sapphire set in gold.

A wedding band, custom made by Oro De Rey – diamonds set in 14kt white gold.

Oro de Rey combines them all for her future.