Budding Beauty

All custom design jewellery starts with a seed – an idea.   Once that seed is planted, we just have to wait for it to bud.  Take a look at this budding beauty.  Wait for it – once it’s in full bloom, you’ll be enchanted with its exquisiteness.

Delivering on Diamond Date Night

What a great night for diamonds!  They met for dinner and then invited me over for tea for “Diamonds 101”. Simple, no strings, no selling. Tea and talk and good questions.  Questions like, “how do I know I am comparing ‘apples to apples’ when I look at diamond rings?” They even laughed at my jokes.Continue reading “Delivering on Diamond Date Night”

Unpeeling the orange – Sweet!

Remember Abby and my first orange last week?  I showed you 3 emerald cut diamonds.  The diamond engagement ring is now in production. It started with a phone call from a guy  looking for a ring for his engagement.  His girlfriend had given him a picture of a particularly beautiful ring she had seen on aContinue reading “Unpeeling the orange – Sweet!”

Watching friends on FaceBook

I’ve made so many great friends through my work.  I was scanning some friends’ pages on FaceBook this morning, following the lives of some of the young “couples in relationship” who I had the honour to work with during their engagement and wedding and now I see babies in their arms.  WOW, time flies! IContinue reading “Watching friends on FaceBook”