A Re-Creation

We sat in B’s dining room to work on this Re-Creation. She had her mom’s original engagement ring and wedding band and wanted to use them maintaining their original charm. Using the diamonds from B’s  engagement ring, we made another perfect matching wedding band. She wanted some width so we used a wide white gold band settingContinue reading “A Re-Creation”

Welcome in the New Year by Cleaning up the Old

Where have the first weeks of 2013 gone?  From  warm  fireside evenings in December to busy, blustery days in January, it is a wonderfully busy time. There is something very enchanting about taking jewellery that has its own story and history out of a dusty jewellery box and looking at it again with fresh eyesContinue reading “Welcome in the New Year by Cleaning up the Old”


The Santa Claus parade has passed.  American Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all passed.  The Grey Cup game has come and gone.  Now comes the anticipation of December.  For some of us Hanukkah is next and perhaps a winter getaway. For my family, it’s a season of anticipation.  We have so many traditions.  Grocery listsContinue reading “Anticipation”

What’s in a Name? Oro de Rey – Gold of the King

Did you know Oro de Rey, means Gold of the King, in Spanish?  When we were looking for names, a dear Spanish friend who’d been in the industry for years, suggested I consider a name that was reflective of the mystique, beauty, and romance that is gold. We played with a number of different namesContinue reading “What’s in a Name? Oro de Rey – Gold of the King”

Jewellery Concierge Service at its best

Oh that feeling of not having enough hours in the day to do what has to be done.  You know what I mean?  Your urgent list keeps getting longer while the things that are really important to you get squeezed into fewer hours.   You have increasingly less time to enjoy with friends and familyContinue reading “Jewellery Concierge Service at its best”

The Call of the Red Cups

My wife and a friend did some cross border shopping this weekend and she came back complaining that she was hearing Christmas carols in the mall ALREADY.  “It’s just too early for ‘Dashing through the Snow’”,  she complained with dramatic flare, though she begrudgingly acknowledged they had travelled through a blinding snow storm to getContinue reading “The Call of the Red Cups”

Watching friends on FaceBook

I’ve made so many great friends through my work.  I was scanning some friends’ pages on FaceBook this morning, following the lives of some of the young “couples in relationship” who I had the honour to work with during their engagement and wedding and now I see babies in their arms.  WOW, time flies! IContinue reading “Watching friends on FaceBook”