A Re-Creation

diamonds, gold, engagement rings, wedding bands, white gold, traditional, custom design, concierge jewellery, Winnipeg JewellerWe sat in B’s dining room to work on this Re-Creation. She had her mom’s original engagement ring and wedding band and wanted to use them maintaining their original charm. Using the diamonds from B’s  engagement ring, we made another perfect matching wedding band.

She wanted some width so we used a wide white gold band setting the three rings into the white gold band.

Mom’s diamonds, her diamonds and some creativity made an exclusive, elegant and meaningful ring that both her daughter and granddaughter will one day cherish.



My family – in my heart

She designed it herself – wanting a family pendant representing all that her heart holds.  It’s dazzling, it’s unique and it tells a story for the next generations.
family heart pendant

Welcome in the New Year by Cleaning up the Old

Where have the first weeks of 2013 gone?  From  warm  fireside evenings in December to busy, blustery days in January, it is a wonderfully busy time.

signet ring, old to new

There is something very enchanting about taking jewellery that has its own story and history out of a dusty jewellery box and looking at it again with fresh eyes ready to set a new story in motion.  I have a few stories I want to share with you in the next while about just that.

Many years ago, a dear family friend passed away leaving a 75 year old signet ring to her husband.   It was damaged, bent and the gold had worn thin.  The engraving on the ring was faint and difficult to distinguish.  You know – one of those rings that has sentimental value but really can’t be worn.  So it sat tucked away in a jewellery box hardly remembered. That is until this fall.  This fall she remembered it and brought it to me to see if it could come back to life for her husband.  She was very “thought-full” in what she wanted that story to look like.  So we built a new shank, new top plate and engraved his initials on it.  When he looks at it, she knows he will remember that old friend.  He’ll also remember her thoughtfulness.  But those initials are not just part of her husband’s story.  They are the same initials of their son’s.  One day, it will be part of his story.  Don’t you love it?


anticipating all things christmas, custom made, diamond engagement ring, Christmas gifts

The Santa Claus parade has passed.  American Thanksgiving, Black Friday and Cyber Monday have all passed.  The Grey Cup game has come and gone.  Now comes the anticipation of December.  For some of us Hanukkah is next and perhaps a winter getaway.

For my family, it’s a season of anticipation.  We have so many traditions.  Grocery lists are including spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, star anise; nuts like walnuts, pecans, almonds, candied fruit and the list goes on.

All in anticipation.  So much to look forward to.

The emerald cut diamond engagement ring is in production.  The CAD machine has just completed the wax for the mount.  The ring will be made in gold and then cleaned and polished.  The diamonds are waiting to be set in the ring.  His anticipation is building.  He’s got so much to look forward to.

What’s in a Name? Oro de Rey – Gold of the King

Did you know Oro de Rey, means Gold of the King, in Spanish?  When we were looking for names, a dear Spanish friend who’d been in the industry for years, suggested I consider a name that was reflective of the mystique, beauty, and romance that is gold.

oro de rey, concierge, gary king, diamond, name, gold of the king

We played with a number of different names until we came up with Oro de Rey – taking both the romance of the word Oro and my name into account.  I loved it!  Still do.

When you buy your jewellery from Oro de Rey, you are guaranteed you will receive the service best bestowed on royalty.  Whether you are purchasing something small or large – we are honoured that you came to us and our service, quality and prices will reflect that.  We will work within your budget.
You will walk away with your head held a little higher, your shoulders back just a little more and a smile of approval on your lips.

Jewellery Concierge Service at its best

Oh that feeling of not having enough hours in the day to do what has to be done.  You know what I mean?  Your urgent list keeps getting longer while the things that are really important to you get squeezed into fewer hours.   You have increasingly less time to enjoy with friends and family – never mind hunting down the perfect gift.

concierge, wedding band, ring, gold diamond, gift, Oro de Rey, Gary King

That’s where Oro de Rey’s Jewellery Concierge Service can help.  You’ve got a special occasion that requires that special touch to ensure your gift will be perfect.  Contact us and we’ll work with you at your home or your office at any time convenient to you to design or help you choose your perfect piece of jewellery.  Once you’ve chosen, it’s all up to us to ensure all the details are perfect right up to delivering your Oro de Rey beautiful gift box to your door.  Elegant, special and perfectly luxurious.  Easy for you.

The Call of the Red Cups

My wife and a friend did some cross border shopping this weekend and she came back complaining that she was hearing Christmas carols in the mall ALREADY.  “It’s just too early for ‘Dashing through the Snow’”,  she complained with dramatic flare,Christmas gift Concierge Service for Oro de Rey, Gary King's Jewellery though she begrudgingly acknowledged they had travelled through a blinding snow storm to get there.

The Red Cups are out at Starbucks.  That’s a cue guys that we should be starting to think about it.

And us guys dread it.

Christmas is coming when the women are going to look at us expectantly and we fear possible disappointment when they open up the generic mall gift card, toaster oven or pink golf balls which we frantically grabbed Dec. 24 with no time to spare to stand in the gift wrapping lineup.

It doesn’t need to be that way. 

Call me.  I’ll drop by your office at your convenience.  Whatever your budget, we’ll come up with just the right piece for her.  Maybe we’ll start with your grandmother’s wedding ring and turn it into a necklace or maybe we’ll start from scratch.

I’ll go away and come back with a design.  Once you approve the design, your piece will be made and I can deliver it immediately or hold it until the 24th so she doesn’t “accidently” find it in your underwear drawer.  Whatever we do, it will be a spectacular piece of Jewellery that reflects the gift she is to you.

Come Christmas, an elegant red leather Oro de Rey box will be sitting under your tree.  You’ve been relaxed.  You’ve been smiling every time you think about your gift since our first meeting and your loved one will marvel at the thought that has gone into the preparation of their gift. (and you didn’t even go to the mall!)

Watching friends on FaceBook

I’ve made so many great friends through my work.  I was scanning some friends’ pages on FaceBook this morning, following the lives of some of the young “couples in relationship” who I had the honour to work with during their engagement and wedding and now I see babies in their arms.  WOW, time flies!

Diamond Engagement Gary King of Oro de Rey created in 14 kt white gold to accompany wedding band

I remember a young professional man with whom I worked who was looking for “his dream ring” for his engagement.  We met in his downtown office and walked through the 4 C’s of diamonds so he could make an educated decision balancing size and quality of the diamonds and we set out to build that dream.   This guy’s enthusiasm kept going up as we moved through the process.  I saw proudly displayed pictures of her long before I met her but by the time we were finished, I was getting to know her too.
A ring this stunning needed a wedding band to match it’s spendour and this is when I finally got to meet and work with her.  She wore her ring very proudly but may never know all the extraordinary details he put into the planning of “his dream ring”.  There are two new friends I would like to follow on FaceBook.