Girls just wanna have fun…

I got a call that the bride wanted to bring her bridesmaids from Regina to Winnipeg for a weekend of fun.  She thought it would be the perfect opportunity to meet with me to design her wedding band.   So between mani’s and pedi’s, shopping and sauna’s, and her bachelorette party we met to work on it.

I flew out to Regina wedding band, concierge jewellery custom design, winnipeg jewellerto make the delivery. The bride was expecting one band. The groom decided she should have two.  They were to be like a halo to surround the centre stone.

I smiled all the way back to Winnipeg.

Making something new with something old


She had her Mother’s Wedding Ring and gifts from her Father. She wanted to combine them to create a ring to wear with her wedding band.

It’s kind of like keeping old friends together but bringing new energy to that friendship.

She’s got the yellow gold back – perhaps it will be incorporated into the next project.ring and earrings for new

earrings and rings turned into ring

A Re-Creation

diamonds, gold, engagement rings, wedding bands, white gold, traditional, custom design, concierge jewellery, Winnipeg JewellerWe sat in B’s dining room to work on this Re-Creation. She had her mom’s original engagement ring and wedding band and wanted to use them maintaining their original charm. Using the diamonds from B’s  engagement ring, we made another perfect matching wedding band.

She wanted some width so we used a wide white gold band setting the three rings into the white gold band.

Mom’s diamonds, her diamonds and some creativity made an exclusive, elegant and meaningful ring that both her daughter and granddaughter will one day cherish.



21. Did you know…

DSC04091the three-stone setting symbolizes the couple’s past, present and future? This setting serves as a precious timeline of a relationship.

Prairie Love Story Part 4

Sunrises over the prairie, dawn over prairie

Their love story started in spring and it bloomed through the summer, trips across the prairies, whispers of love, commitment and marriage.  Words, actions and symbols.

The design for their rings needed to include not only the love they have for each other but also the love they have for their children.

wedding bands wax mould, diamonds, oro de rey, engagement rings

So diamonds were chosen to represent her two sons, his son and daughter and the centre stone for each of them.  The coming together of two families.

White and yellow gold were combined to acknowledge the traditional and the new.

Wax moulds were built, changes were made as concepts were seen in 3 dimensions.

oro de rey, gold of the king, concierge jewellery service, romance

The prairies continued to be crossed through the fall. Things need to be wrapped up.  Plans for a future together need work. 

But as the crops are reaped, and the legumes and grain stored or sold, wedding plans begin to solidify.  Dates are set and venues are found.

And rings?


Oh yes, rings are ready.

and so are they.

prairie love rings on fingers,diamond wedding rings, winnipeg jeweller, oro de rey

Turning your old jewellery into the extravagant elegance you’ll love wearing!

You know that necklace and those earrings that belonged to your great aunt Milly?  or those rings your mom/grandmother gave you?  

old becomes new, oro de rey custom design

custom design, gold, oro de rey, gold of the king, gold jewellery, winnipeg jeweller

Have you got some jewellery pieces tucked away, wrapped up in your draws or jewellery box?

They mean something to you – that’s why you’re holding on to them but they don’t quite suit your style to wear them?

Oro de Rey has got a fabulous idea for you!  We’ve developed “Tea Time & Talk”, an afternoon or evening hour of entertaining chatter with just you and your friends in mind. 

cleaned, polished, oro de rey customer service, winnipeg concierge jeweller

You invite a group of your friends over for tea and I’ll join you for an hour or so.   I’ll explain to you and your friends the things you might consider in a redesign. I’ll share my “Diamonds 101” with you.  We’ll talk about settings, gold content, where you got the jewellery and what it means to you.  (I love those stories – just read my blog and you’ll see)  You and your friends can ask me any questions you may have about your jewellery. (Isn’t it always easier to ask questions with your friends around you?)

I won’t sell you anything.  It will simply be tea time around the table with Gary King of Oro de Rey.

Why do I offer this service?

  • I believe jewellery should be loved, worn and appreciated.
  • I believe people make the best decisions when they are informed.
  • I believe customer service is paramount in my business.
  • I believe that’s how you build a trusting relationship.

Call us to set up a date.  I’m looking forward to meeting you and your friends!