Making something new with something old

  She had her Mother’s Wedding Ring and gifts from her Father. She wanted to combine them to create a ring to wear with her wedding band. It’s kind of like keeping old friends together but bringing new energy to that friendship. She’s got the yellow gold back – perhaps it will be incorporated intoContinue reading “Making something new with something old”

It’s On Her Finger Now

We met at the Starbucks close to his office at Winnipeg Square and discussed the design.  At his dining room table, we selected the perfect Diamonds.  She was out working that Saturday afternoon.  You saw the Diamond he chose. While we were all waiting for spring to arrive in what seemed like an endless winter, our goldsmiths workedContinue reading “It’s On Her Finger Now”

Seasonal Enjoyment

I really love taking pictures of my work.  I spend time looking around my world – sometimes inside, sometimes outside and try to find something magical that will bring the beauty of our jewellery and our environment together.   Every season offers a special view.  I think using the seasons as my backdrop offers partContinue reading “Seasonal Enjoyment”

Turning your old jewellery into the extravagant elegance you’ll love wearing!

You know that necklace and those earrings that belonged to your great aunt Milly?  or those rings your mom/grandmother gave you?   Have you got some jewellery pieces tucked away, wrapped up in your draws or jewellery box? They mean something to you – that’s why you’re holding on to them but they don’t quite suitContinue reading “Turning your old jewellery into the extravagant elegance you’ll love wearing!”

Prairie Love – Part 3

The fall prairie sky at sunrise is filled with promise.  There is crispness to the air, a soft mist creating a haze that unwraps the mystery of the night as the sun rises. She’s travelling west again to meet her love.  Even though it’s the middle of the harvest, his last harvest -he says youContinue reading “Prairie Love – Part 3”