Presenting a Ruby Beauty

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We showed our Facebook followers two beautiful rubies and asked them to suggest what fine jewellery we should make and how might they design it. We listened and here is our first piece – a stunning Ruby Ring set in 14 kt white gold.

Elegant. Sophisticated. Brilliant.


Custom Design – Past, Present, Future

OPal choices

Remember the 2 opals?  For John’s custom design engagement ring, we were looking for the perfect centre for her ring.  Her favourite colour is green so he chose the opal with that precise viridescence.

Symbolism for love so often focuses on the past, the present and the future. So it does in this custom design ring.

John wanted to include the diamond from his grandmother’s ring and diamonds from his mother’s ring representing a foundation and strength as part of his family history.  The viridescent opal represents the present.  The love they share.

We searched and found a lovely matching diamond to balance grandma’s diamond.  

Wax mould, diamond and opal, engagement ring, custom design, oro de rey, winnipeg jeweller

An Opal is a precious gem stone that must be carefully mounted to protect it. Therefore, we chose a bezel setting to highlight and protect the stone.

John reviewed the wax mould to be sure the custom design was what he envisioned.  His excitement at seeing the ring nearing completion was palpable.  It’s so rewarding to go through this step because John has the opportunity to really see what the ring will look like rather than just work with drawings.

Presenting John with the finished ring was such a pleasure.  He loves it.  Of course, he does- he put his heart into it and it’s absolutely beautiful.

custom design,opal diamond engagement,  oro de rey, winnipeg jewellerNow we move to the future- their future and the dreams of many tomorrows. Custom designed – Past, Present and Future.

See what she said.

Too cold to go out.


Have you got a special occasion coming up? Are you shopped out? Why not try Oro de Rey’s Concierge Service?

We will come to your door- whether that’s at your office or in your home. We’ll help you redesign something left neglected in your jewellery drawer and make it a stunning piece you’ll never want to take off.  Or we’ll start from scratch based on your favourite type of gemstone.

And you can stay warm inside.

Call us. 204 253 8560.

Saturday night in the summer

family ring, oro de rey box, summer birthday party

It was a beautiful hot and breezy summer Saturday night at the riverside home.  Family and friends were gathered to celebrate her 50th birthday and her parents, siblings and children all waited in anticipation as she opened the familiar red Oro de Rey box to reveal the family ring they had all lovingly purchased for her.   A few tears were shed, oohs and ahhs were expressed,  children jostled for position to identify which stone represented who, and even the family dogs got involved as they saw an opportunity to steal a few tidbits unattended for the moment.

We left as the sun was setting to the sounds of laughter and kids splashing in the pool.  Nice way to spend a Saturday night.

The Call of the Red Cups

My wife and a friend did some cross border shopping this weekend and she came back complaining that she was hearing Christmas carols in the mall ALREADY.  “It’s just too early for ‘Dashing through the Snow’”,  she complained with dramatic flare,Christmas gift Concierge Service for Oro de Rey, Gary King's Jewellery though she begrudgingly acknowledged they had travelled through a blinding snow storm to get there.

The Red Cups are out at Starbucks.  That’s a cue guys that we should be starting to think about it.

And us guys dread it.

Christmas is coming when the women are going to look at us expectantly and we fear possible disappointment when they open up the generic mall gift card, toaster oven or pink golf balls which we frantically grabbed Dec. 24 with no time to spare to stand in the gift wrapping lineup.

It doesn’t need to be that way. 

Call me.  I’ll drop by your office at your convenience.  Whatever your budget, we’ll come up with just the right piece for her.  Maybe we’ll start with your grandmother’s wedding ring and turn it into a necklace or maybe we’ll start from scratch.

I’ll go away and come back with a design.  Once you approve the design, your piece will be made and I can deliver it immediately or hold it until the 24th so she doesn’t “accidently” find it in your underwear drawer.  Whatever we do, it will be a spectacular piece of Jewellery that reflects the gift she is to you.

Come Christmas, an elegant red leather Oro de Rey box will be sitting under your tree.  You’ve been relaxed.  You’ve been smiling every time you think about your gift since our first meeting and your loved one will marvel at the thought that has gone into the preparation of their gift. (and you didn’t even go to the mall!)