Oro de Rey invites you to Diamond Date Night

Would you buy a car without doing your homework? Oro de Rey believes you should never spend money on your next important jewellery purchase without doing your homework either. Wouldn’t you like to start your search for diamonds and gold knowing what you are talking about?  Of course, you would.   Sometimes that lack ofContinue reading “Oro de Rey invites you to Diamond Date Night”

Building on a memory

So take an all around sports guy, who’s work life encompasses working with Silicon Valley computer types as a successful product development executive in Vancouver and who’s play life includes pursuits like rock climbing in the BC rockies, white water rafting, skiing and Iron Man competitions to name but a few. Add a love forContinue reading “Building on a memory”

Saturday night in the summer

It was a beautiful hot and breezy summer Saturday night at the riverside home.  Family and friends were gathered to celebrate her 50th birthday and her parents, siblings and children all waited in anticipation as she opened the familiar red Oro de Rey box to reveal the family ring they had all lovingly purchased forContinue reading “Saturday night in the summer”