From Bud to Bloom

I love how this ring came to bloom. Her grandmother bequeathed a ring to her set with 5 diamonds.  Those diamonds became the sentinel stones to her children’s birthstones –  the peridot is for her son, the emerald is for her daughter. Just like the orchids started with buds, so the wax mould was the budding of thisContinue reading “From Bud to Bloom”

A forever friendship

My friends have heard me say this so many times, but I have to say it again.  I have the best job ever.  The jewellery we make is so often a symbol of deep love and devotion at so many levels.  The story behind this ring is an example of that. The friendship between two womenContinue reading “A forever friendship”

Old becomes new – Part 2

She laid the 4 rings on her kitchen table for me to see.  The garnet ring with the swirl design were a gift from her parents more than 25 years ago.  The trio were gold and diamond rings that had been tucked in her jewellery box for 25 years.  They are precious but never wornContinue reading “Old becomes new – Part 2”