Romance in Roses

As high school sweethearts they were inseparable.  Lots of time to get to know each others’ characters, likes and dislikes – really seems it was growing up together.  Lots of travel through school trips as well as sharing vacations with each others families. University meant they no longer saw each other daily but their heartsContinue reading “Romance in Roses”


It’s bitterly cold outside today.  A perfect day to stay inside next to the fire with a good book in hand and your favourite music playing. I’ve been taking pictures of Valentine’s Day cards my mother in law has saved through the years.  Her favourites are from the Victorian Era  conjuring up silk, satin, lace,Continue reading “Unique”

Here’s what they chose.

She’s getting married and her family wants to give her a precious gift as a symbol of how precious she is to them. We met with some of the family and I offered them3 sapphires to choose from.  It’s never just about size or colour or even clarity.  It’s about all of it and noneContinue reading “Here’s what they chose.”

Wearing a legacy of love

Some 30 years ago, a son chose his mother’s favourite stone – a sapphire, surrounded it with diamonds and encircled it in 14 kt yellow gold.  It was a labour of love presented to his mother as one symbol of how precious she was to him.  He wanted her to know that though they livedContinue reading “Wearing a legacy of love”

A forever friendship

My friends have heard me say this so many times, but I have to say it again.  I have the best job ever.  The jewellery we make is so often a symbol of deep love and devotion at so many levels.  The story behind this ring is an example of that. The friendship between two womenContinue reading “A forever friendship”