17. Did you know…

split shank, oro de rey, diamond engagement ring, Gold of the King, Winnipeg Jewellerthe symbolism of the split shank style of ring, where the ring splits in half near the center diamond indicates that despite having different personalities, the people in the relationship are always in one heart, mind and spirit?

11. Did you know

Jadeite bead necklace - Christie's Hong Kongthe rarest precious stone is jadeite valued at $3 million plus per carat?

While not to be confused with jade, a term used to refer to both jadeite and nephrite, only jadeite retains value as a rare gem.  With the best gem quality jadeite found in Myanmar (Upper Burma), other lesser quality sources include Guatemala, Russia, Kazakhstan, Japan and California.  Jadeite’s value is judged by the combination of the intensity of green color and high degree of transparency.  At Christie’s in 1997, a jadeite necklace called the “Doubly Fortunate” set the highest price for a piece of jadeite jewelry sold at auction, selling for $9.3 million.

(source: http://www.jewelsdujour.com/2012/08/ten-rarest-precious-stones/)

Photo: Christie’s Images LTD. 2012

A jadeite bead necklace with optimal color, translucency, and texture is expected to fetch $3.2-4.5 million.