Girls just wanna have fun…

I got a call that the bride wanted to bring her bridesmaids from Regina to Winnipeg for a weekend of fun.  She thought it would be the perfect opportunity to meet with me to design her wedding band.   So between mani’s and pedi’s, shopping and sauna’s, and her bachelorette party we met to work onContinue reading “Girls just wanna have fun…”

Romance in Roses

As high school sweethearts they were inseparable.  Lots of time to get to know each others’ characters, likes and dislikes – really seems it was growing up together.  Lots of travel through school trips as well as sharing vacations with each others families. University meant they no longer saw each other daily but their heartsContinue reading “Romance in Roses”


I received a call from a  young man looking to purchase an engagement ring.  I love that first phone call because that anticipation and enthusiasm is so palpable.  I have the privilege of letting my heart skip a beat with the excitement of it, too.  It never gets old. So, here is where we are today.Continue reading “Anticipating”


It’s bitterly cold outside today.  A perfect day to stay inside next to the fire with a good book in hand and your favourite music playing. I’ve been taking pictures of Valentine’s Day cards my mother in law has saved through the years.  Her favourites are from the Victorian Era  conjuring up silk, satin, lace,Continue reading “Unique”

Prairie love – Part 1

Sometimes, magic really is in the air.  That’s how she feels.  She left her homeland and raised her boys alone, travelled the world in her career, experienced the joy of the birth of her grandchildren but always alone.  That is until this year. This year, she met a blue eyed, bearded giant of a manContinue reading “Prairie love – Part 1”