Girls just wanna have fun…

I got a call that the bride wanted to bring her bridesmaids from Regina to Winnipeg for a weekend of fun.  She thought it would be the perfect opportunity to meet with me to design her wedding band.   So between mani’s and pedi’s, shopping and sauna’s, and her bachelorette party we met to work on it.

I flew out to Regina wedding band, concierge jewellery custom design, winnipeg jewellerto make the delivery. The bride was expecting one band. The groom decided she should have two.  They were to be like a halo to surround the centre stone.

I smiled all the way back to Winnipeg.

Romance in Roses

rose with ring closeAs high school sweethearts they were inseparable.  Lots of time to get to know each others’ characters, likes and dislikes – really seems it was growing up together.  Lots of travel through school trips as well as sharing vacations with each others families. University meant they no longer saw each other daily but their hearts continued to grow fonder.

He started planning a year before – even met with me to discuss what kind of engagement ring she might like. But this fall he set it all in motion.  We designed this spectacular engagement ring and then he started to set “the romantic event” in motion. You see, their number is 23.  First date, special days and events seemed to always fit with “23”.

romance roses engagement ringSo on December 23, she followed 23 candles into the room beautifully  adorned with 23 dozen red roses, fire blazing both in his heart and the fireplace, soft music playing and … well the rest belongs to their telling. she said yes, oro de rey, custom design diamond engagement ring,


Of course, she said yes.



Brilliant diamond, diamond studded shank, gold engagement ring, oro de rey I received a call from a  young man looking to purchase an engagement ring.  I love that first phone call because that anticipation and enthusiasm is so palpable.  I have the privilege of letting my heart skip a beat with the excitement of it, too.  It never gets old.

So, here is where we are today.  He’s picked out the diamond.  He’s chosen an exquisite mount with diamonds along the shank.  And now he has to wait patiently for it to come together.

Imagine what it will look like when it all comes together.


Valentine's day cards, gifts, Oro de Rey, Gold of the King, Gary King, love, romance, gifts, Winnipeg Custom design jeweller

It’s bitterly cold outside today.  A perfect day to stay inside next to the fire with a good book in hand and your favourite music playing.

I’ve been taking pictures of Valentine’s Day cards my mother in law has saved through the years.  Her favourites are from the Victorian Era  conjuring up silk, satin, lace, cherub like faces and flowers.  I’ve heard the expression “the flowering of affection” used to describe that era of cards.

Very different from how affection and love might be expressed today.


I’m working on 3 custom design projects right now – engagement rings for 3 very different people and what a pleasure it is helping them design the perfect ring for them.

Each has a different life style, different income level, different idea of what their rings should look like.  There are different gemstones that will be the centrepiece for each ring.  All will be absolutely beautiful,  custom design rings representing the commitment to the love each of them has for the other.  All of them will be unique – because each of them is.


Prairie love – Part 1

Sunrises over the prairie, dawn over prairieSometimes, magic really is in the air.  That’s how she feels.  She left her homeland and raised her boys alone, travelled the world in her career, experienced the joy of the birth of her grandchildren but always alone.  That is until this year.

This year, she met a blue eyed, bearded giant of a man (maybe not really a giant but when you’re  5’ 4”  it doesn’t take much to see a giant) with a big, warm smile, low lively laugh, inviting arms and kind, kind heart.  A real prairie boy with hands that have cupped grain as it falls out of the back of the truck, strong sunburned arms that stretch out across the land,  legs that know the distance between the bases of the baseball diamond and the bit of a crooked nose that hockey players seem to always sport.  Ah, but it’s his heart she fell in love with.

He’s feeling the magic too.  He sees her slight form, her intense blue eyes, the curl of her dark hair and the laughter in her smile.  She’s a big city girl, knows her way around cities like Berlin and Moscow but she’s found home here on the prairie.  He loves the exotic sound of her voice, teases her about the difficulty to pronounce “th” through her accented words and has fallen for her heart.

So Canadian prairie boy and European city girl are making plans – plans for sharing and enriching each others lives, looking to build a future together.

choosing a styleAnd they’re entrusting the building of their symbol of commitment to each other with Gary King at Oro de Rey, planning the style of the ring together.  Stay tuned for next steps…

Prairie love Part 2

Prairie love Part 3