A Stunning Design

He’d started thinking about changes he wanted to make to his wedding ring about 25 years ago.  Changes that would enhance the ring – just as their years together had enhanced their relationship. So recently, he sat down with me and with one of his designers (yes, he’s in the business of creativity) and they sketchedContinue reading “A Stunning Design”

Seasonal Enjoyment

I really love taking pictures of my work.  I spend time looking around my world – sometimes inside, sometimes outside and try to find something magical that will bring the beauty of our jewellery and our environment together.   Every season offers a special view.  I think using the seasons as my backdrop offers partContinue reading “Seasonal Enjoyment”

Delicate, Beautiful and Strong

Forty-five  years ago they walked down the aisle together and for forty-five years now, they have shared their life’s joys and sorrows. Like the petal of a flower,  faith, hope and love are delicate, but like the strength and permanence of gold and the beauty of sapphires, the celebration of forty-five years together is aContinue reading “Delicate, Beautiful and Strong”