Across Canada

Wedding and engagement ring We’ve designed and created beautiful jewellery for customers across Canada made easy with the use of technology.  You can see your design in 3D, chat through Skype or Facetime, have the prototype available to view through overnight shipping and in some cases I will arrange personal delivery.

A fun experience was meeting a customer from Regina halfway between Winnipeg and Regina in Virden.   Our final meeting was  to deliver the Engagement and Wedding Rings and hDSC09039ave a game of golf with my customer, his father and future father-in-law.

Did I mention I love my job?DSC09044

Jewellery Reborn

I’m seeing a growing trend to combine the past with the present in order to create a memory that will be cherished into the future. The thought-full-ness of the jewellery that is shaped into a new treasure is the key to this bands recreated by Oro de Rey, Gold of the King, Gary King custom design jewellery, concierge service

For these rings, a daughter used her father’s wedding band and we added the original diamonds from her mother’s engagement ring.

Another generation was included in this next unique ring. Grandmother and mothers’ bands were fused together to be worn by the daughter. Priceless.

The Two Shall Become One

2 wedding bands one with inscription from GenesisLast weekend was the wedding of one of our customers. Perhaps we should say, “one of our friends” because they start off as customers but it doesn’t take long for them to become friends.

I worked with Dave last summer to design a beautiful, elegant ring for Nicole.  This spring we started to think about the Wedding Bands.  Their faith is central to their relationship and so they chose an inscription in Hebrew from the Book of Genesis which was hand engraved in Dave’s wedding band.

But that wasn’t all.  When Dave presented Nicole with her Wedding Band and Engagement Ring, she found a second band to completely  surround her Engagement Ring.  He’s surrounded his love for her with his eternal commitment.

I gotta say, he’s got it right.

Tying the knot

twizzlers, tying the knot, oro de rey, wedding bands, sapphires, winnipeg jeweller

She’s never been one to follow the crowd.  She dances to the beat of her own drum.  Loves life. Knows what she wants. So when they designed their bands, they would not be traditional – unique, beautiful.  Like the two of them.

20. Did you know…

stackable ring, diamond wedding bands, oro de rey, winnipeg jewellerflush style stackable rings indicate the engaged couple is thoughtful, are careful planners and forward thinking?  These rings fit harmoniously so they form one smooth, streamlined shape when worn together.

Prairie Love Story Part 4

Sunrises over the prairie, dawn over prairie

Their love story started in spring and it bloomed through the summer, trips across the prairies, whispers of love, commitment and marriage.  Words, actions and symbols.

The design for their rings needed to include not only the love they have for each other but also the love they have for their children.

wedding bands wax mould, diamonds, oro de rey, engagement rings

So diamonds were chosen to represent her two sons, his son and daughter and the centre stone for each of them.  The coming together of two families.

White and yellow gold were combined to acknowledge the traditional and the new.

Wax moulds were built, changes were made as concepts were seen in 3 dimensions.

oro de rey, gold of the king, concierge jewellery service, romance

The prairies continued to be crossed through the fall. Things need to be wrapped up.  Plans for a future together need work. 

But as the crops are reaped, and the legumes and grain stored or sold, wedding plans begin to solidify.  Dates are set and venues are found.

And rings?


Oh yes, rings are ready.

and so are they.

prairie love rings on fingers,diamond wedding rings, winnipeg jeweller, oro de rey

Prairie Love – Part 3

diamonds, wax mould, wedding bands, wedding rings, prairie love story

The fall prairie sky at sunrise is filled with promise.  There is crispness to the air, a soft mist creating a haze that unwraps the mystery of the night as the sun rises.

She’s travelling west again to meet her love.  Even though it’s the middle of the harvest, his last harvest -he says you have to be able to stop when the opportunity is there to appreciate life.  So, they are meeting where he asked her if she would spend the rest of her life with him.

Oro de Rey has presented them with their rings in wax in order that they might inspect them to see if there are changes they would like to make.  They have chosen their rings based on different styles they have researched but seeing them in 3 dimensions is the best way to ensure the wedding bands are exactly as they want them.

Sunset on the porch finds them seeing and touching their prototypes for the first time.  Looking at the loose diamonds, a diamond for each of their children, she has a lump in her throat.  It’s all so real now.  He feels it too and takes her hand. There are changes.  Perhaps the yellow gold on the sides should be more pronounced?

There is no reason for concern.  The whole purpose of creating the ring in wax first is to ensure that the ring when completed in gold is exactly what they had in mind when they started the design process.

He smiles at her and they watch the sun set.  The dust of harvest paints the setting sun orange.  There is hope and promise for a beautiful tomorrow.  (Prairie Love Part 1, Prairie Love Part 2)