The Two Shall Become One

Last weekend was the wedding of one of our customers. Perhaps we should say, “one of our friends” because they start off as customers but it doesn’t take long for them to become friends. I worked with Dave last summer to design a beautiful, elegant ring for Nicole.  This spring we started to think about the WeddingContinue reading “The Two Shall Become One”

Here’s what they chose.

She’s getting married and her family wants to give her a precious gift as a symbol of how precious she is to them. We met with some of the family and I offered them3 sapphires to choose from.  It’s never just about size or colour or even clarity.  It’s about all of it and noneContinue reading “Here’s what they chose.”

Prairie love – Part 1

Sometimes, magic really is in the air.  That’s how she feels.  She left her homeland and raised her boys alone, travelled the world in her career, experienced the joy of the birth of her grandchildren but always alone.  That is until this year. This year, she met a blue eyed, bearded giant of a manContinue reading “Prairie love – Part 1”

She said yes

It’s January 1, 2013 and I’m enjoying the sunshine in our living room.  The Christmas tree hasn’t come down yet because none of the needles are falling and my wife wants to hold onto all the Christmas memories for a while yet- our first grandson sitting with us by the tree and the laughter andContinue reading “She said yes”

Watching friends on FaceBook

I’ve made so many great friends through my work.  I was scanning some friends’ pages on FaceBook this morning, following the lives of some of the young “couples in relationship” who I had the honour to work with during their engagement and wedding and now I see babies in their arms.  WOW, time flies! IContinue reading “Watching friends on FaceBook”