Making something new with something old

  She had her Mother’s Wedding Ring and gifts from her Father. She wanted to combine them to create a ring to wear with her wedding band. It’s kind of like keeping old friends together but bringing new energy to that friendship. She’s got the yellow gold back – perhaps it will be incorporated intoContinue reading “Making something new with something old”

Happy Anniversary

            So they were going to spend their 19th anniversary in New York.  Elegant dinner – he pulled an Oro de Rey box out of their backpack and presented her with the diamond he thought belonged in her wedding ring. She loved it.  We set it in her original ringContinue reading “Happy Anniversary”

14. Did you know…

Gold can be made in different colours by mixing different alloys for different colours? Yellow gold is made with gold, copper , silver White gold is made with gold, nickel, zinc, copper Green gold is made with  gold, silver, copper, zinc Pink(rose) gold is made with gold and copper.

Three Generations Lovingly Represented

Sitting gracefully on a yellow rose- the symbol of joy, gladness and friendship- the seamless circle of a ring is so often used as a symbol for endless love and in this family ring, the love between generations is explicit.   Six people forming a bond, mother, father, 3 children and in the centre is theContinue reading “Three Generations Lovingly Represented”