Happy Anniversary

1ct diamond1 ct diamond in white and yellow gold wedding ring







So they were going to spend their 19th anniversary in New York.  Elegant dinner – he pulled an Oro de Rey box out of their backpack and presented her with the diamond he thought belonged in her wedding ring.

She loved it.  We set it in her original ring upon their return.  She loves it. He’s smiling. We’re happy.



More Spring Buds

Wax family ring collage

This budding beauty will be an elegant family ring.  The exquisite emerald and peridot will be accompanied by grandmother’s diamonds to bring together 3 generations.

Orchid Show Signifies Spring IS around the corner

I attended the orchid show this weekend at the Assiniboine Park Conservatory.  It was minus 24 degrees C outside and about 30 degrees C inside.  The humidity hit me hard as I walked in and I loved it.  For a brief moment I could remember what summer warmth will feel like and after this harsh winter, I’ve almost forgotten.

oro de rey, orchids, spring, gold of the king, winnipeg jeweller, custom design

It is stunning to see how many varieties of orchids there are and I took a copious number of pictures which I will find opportunities to use amongst our jewellery.

Flowers and jewellery have so much in common – Natural beauty, infinite colours, delicate or hardy.  They touch us in special ways. Just as all flowers are one of a kind – with custom design – no two are the same.

So stay tuned – spring is around the corner and so are our latest designs.  Wait for it.


oro de rey, gold of the king, winnipeg jeweller, skates, traditions, trim the treeI love the traditions our family has around Christmas.  This weekend the Christstollen was baked.  The fragrance of fresh sweet bread wafts through the house.  We picked up a tree, brought it in to thaw  and watched the branches spread out as they thawed.

Christmas Traditions, Christmas baking, oro de Rey, WInnipeg concierge Jeweller,

Abby Labrador in the snowAfter walking Abby in the harsh cold, I came in to the smells of the baking, the Christmas tree and the sound of Christmas carols coming from one of the rooms.

Yup, I love the tastes, smells and sounds of our Christmas traditions.  What are some of yours?

18. Did you know…

solitaire diamond engagement ring, white gold, oro de rey, gold of the king, Winnipeg jeweller

the solitaire is as classic as they come?  It speaks of a simple life together with basic values holding up the relationship as time goes by.

Falling Leaves


This is the time of year when our labrador, Abby really perks up.  The air is crisp, the colours vibrant and she loves her walks.  We love walking in the Charleswood forest.  She’s chasing after the falling leaves, rolling in them like a happy child and every part of her body is smiling.  The colours remind me of my work.  Amber, amethyst, garnet, emerald, malachite, tourmaline – rich, earthy colours.  Vibrant.  Abby and I go home and I take the forest colours with me to my work.  Life is good.Abby walking in the fall forest