Gratitude and Pride

Every custom designed engagement ring we make fills me with gratitude and pride. Gratitude for the trust that is placed in Oro de Rey to design a ring that is meant to be worn on the bride’s hand always and pride at the beauty of the finished product.  My clients, my colleagues and my friendsContinue reading “Gratitude and Pride”

Inspired by nature

 We’re having a fall walk through Beaudry Park in the mid afternoon.  My chocolate labrador, Abby’s senses are alive with anticipation.   The autumn air, the crunch of the leaves underfoot, the loamy smell of season’s change, the skittering of gathering birds – all tell a story.   There’s the hollow of the tree trunkContinue reading “Inspired by nature”

Here’s what they chose.

She’s getting married and her family wants to give her a precious gift as a symbol of how precious she is to them. We met with some of the family and I offered them3 sapphires to choose from.  It’s never just about size or colour or even clarity.  It’s about all of it and noneContinue reading “Here’s what they chose.”

Love Actually

Winnipeg is in a deep freeze.  It may be cold outside but that doesn’t reflect the warmth inside.  We celebrate our love in so many ways.  Not just on Valentines Day.  I think the movie “Love Actually” provides the best definition of love in its introduction.  Take a look for your self.   I’m dedicatingContinue reading “Love Actually”