A Re-Creation

diamonds, gold, engagement rings, wedding bands, white gold, traditional, custom design, concierge jewellery, Winnipeg JewellerWe sat in B’s dining room to work on this Re-Creation. She had her mom’s original engagement ring and wedding band and wanted to use them maintaining their original charm. Using the diamonds from B’s  engagement ring, we made another perfect matching wedding band.

She wanted some width so we used a wide white gold band setting the three rings into the white gold band.

Mom’s diamonds, her diamonds and some creativity made an exclusive, elegant and meaningful ring that both her daughter and granddaughter will one day cherish.



It’s On Her Finger Now

We met at the Starbucks close to his office at Winnipeg Square and discussed the design.  At his dining room table, we selected the perfect Diamonds.  She was out working that Saturday afternoon.  You saw the Diamond he chose.

While we were all waiting for spring to arrive in what seemed like an endless winter, our goldsmiths worked to create this beauty. He took part in each stage, ensuring it was just everything he wanted because she deserves the best.


A brilliant cut centre Diamond with two Diamonds set in the side of the head and lovely Diamonds in the shank encircling her finger.  It’s on her finger now.  Exactly where it belongs.

More Spring Buds

Wax family ring collage

This budding beauty will be an elegant family ring.  The exquisite emerald and peridot will be accompanied by grandmother’s diamonds to bring together 3 generations.

Too cold to go out.


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Prairie Love Story Part 4

Sunrises over the prairie, dawn over prairie

Their love story started in spring and it bloomed through the summer, trips across the prairies, whispers of love, commitment and marriage.  Words, actions and symbols.

The design for their rings needed to include not only the love they have for each other but also the love they have for their children.

wedding bands wax mould, diamonds, oro de rey, engagement rings

So diamonds were chosen to represent her two sons, his son and daughter and the centre stone for each of them.  The coming together of two families.

White and yellow gold were combined to acknowledge the traditional and the new.

Wax moulds were built, changes were made as concepts were seen in 3 dimensions.

oro de rey, gold of the king, concierge jewellery service, romance

The prairies continued to be crossed through the fall. Things need to be wrapped up.  Plans for a future together need work. 

But as the crops are reaped, and the legumes and grain stored or sold, wedding plans begin to solidify.  Dates are set and venues are found.

And rings?


Oh yes, rings are ready.

and so are they.

prairie love rings on fingers,diamond wedding rings, winnipeg jeweller, oro de rey

14. Did you know…

gold one ounce

Gold can be made in different colours by mixing different alloys for different colours?

  • Yellow gold is made with gold, copper , silver
  • White gold is made with gold, nickel, zinc, copper
  • Green gold is made with  gold, silver, copper, zinc
  • Pink(rose) gold is made with gold and copper.

High School Sweethearts – Fall Engagement

High school sweethearts.  That’s what they are.  Been together for nine years now.  Share so many of the same friends.  Have done lots of crazy together.  Have lots of room to share more love.

romance in fall, two cats

So there’s two cute cats.  

This summer they added a cute pup to the family, too.

puppy love, family favourites, oro de rey, engagement ringsAs the weather starts to change and the fall colours become more vibrant, they decide it’s time to take some outdoor family pictures.

While the camera is snapping, he drops to one knee, red leather box in one hand and asks his high school sweetheart to marry him.

diamond engagement ring, white gold

She said yes.

We thought she would.

Because they were made for each other, don’t you think?diamond engagement ring, 14 ct white gold, from Oro de Rey, Winnipeg Jeweller

He chose the Diamond – brilliant cut with Diamonds set on a lace like shank. Beautifully feminine set in 14 kt. white gold.

diamond engagement ring on fence post, Oro de Rey engagement ring


9. Did you know…

pearl of allah, Pearl of Lao Tzu, oro de rey, winnipeg jeweller

THE LARGEST PEARL IN THE WORLD, the Pearl of Allah or the Pearl of Lao Tzu as it is now called, has a length of 9.4 inches and weighs 14 pounds and is found in the Philippines.  It got its original name from a Muslim diver who found the pearl with its surface having an image of a turbaned face so he named it “Pearl of Allah”.

It is not a gem-quality pearl, but is instead what is known as a “clam pearl” or “Tridacna pearl” from a giant clam.

Gemologist Michael Steenrod in Colorado Springs has appraised the pearl at $60 million (1982) and $93 million (2007).

Read more about it at http://www.thecollectiveint.com/2013/04/the-pearl-of-allah-largest-pearl-in.html